Joy Creators

At Soyful, we are passionate about three things: sustainability, nutrition and heaps of joy. We believe that soy products can play a vital role in achieving all three of these goals. Soy is a highly nutritious food that is also very sustainable.

So why not join us on our mission to make the world a more sustainable, nutritious and joyful place?



As Shamira's family is heavily involved in the Big Food industry, she grew up with a high awareness of the impact they have in everyone's lives.

This contributed to her interest in nutrition and health science, and has since completed Bachelor in Environmental Chemistry, subjects in Food Science, and a Masters in International Relations and Development Studies. This combination continues to allow her to explore the intersectionality in sustainability.

Her interest in food is exemplified by her hobby of experimental cooking, being a strong advocate for sustainable and healthy food practices, and the reduction of single-use food packaging. She brings this wealth of knowledge to Soyful.



Michelle's journey with food sustainability began with her university exchange in Canada. Interacting with numerous sustainability driven individuals inspired her to undertake a Master of Agricultural Sciences degree following her completion of her Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Alongside, Michelle is actively involved in the circular economy scene in Victoria, promoting meaningful CE and climate change discussion with her family and peers.

Having worked in the hospitality industry since 2016, the amount of food waste that goes behind the scenes constantly bothered her.
Determined to put a stop to the unnecessary 'waste', Soyful was created.